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Strawberry Akvavit


Akvavit, or Aquavit , is a Scandinavian spirit flavoured with caraway seeds and other herbs. It is commonly consumed as an apertif during festivities such as midsummer and christmas. I am not a huge fan of drinking Akvavit straight but combining it with strawberries and lemon makes for one of my favourite cocktails. The taste of this drink is of pure refreshing summer. If you decide to make this in winter don’t bother buying flavourless strawberries shipped from somewhere far away but spend your money on a good quality cordial. There are loads of different kinds of Akvavit and I am looking forward to trying this recipe with many different varieties. This time I used Linie, which is a Norwegian Akvavit, aged in Sherry casks.

Strawberry Akvavit
1 drink

50 ml Akvavit
25 ml strawberry juice (or strawberry cordial)
25 ml lemon juice
ice cubes
soda water (optional)

If using fresh strawberries, blend and strain through a sieve. Combine freshly squeezed lemon juice, akvavit, strawberry juice and stir with some ice. Pour into a glass and and serve if you like a strong drink or top up with soda water.







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